Saturday, May 31, 2008

New ATCs

These are two cards I made when I was playing about! I love the effect of zapping organza with the heat gun, partly because the effects are somewhat unpredictable! Once I had zapped it I decided to try a different approach to each one. The first I used golds to enhance it and then the second I went for the contrast with three colours according to my handy dandy colour wheel. You would think for all the threads I have I would have had the exact colour of thread, but no, anyway I figured this pink/purple was close enough!!! Still can't decide which one I prefer!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Collage Mania

Well surprise surprise someone bid for my Collage! I was so excited!! It is going all the way to Alabama!

I also have a funky new Sewing machine which I have to say is quite the Bees knees to use an English expression! It is the Husqvarna SE LE and I am very impressed! Lots to learn as it is quite different from the Janome that I part exchanged!! I will be taking some lessons for the Digitising software as well as the machine's bells and whistles!! Tried a few stitches out on some ATCs I was doing for a swap at ATCsfor all. I am of course behind again on the Journal pages, although i do have the ideas for them now! ANg came over last week and we dyed some silk hankies!! They will end up in one of the pages!!