Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Postcards and Vacation!!

Phew, at long last I have some time off work!!! A week and a half to potter about do some day trips and play in my studio!! I have decided at long last to call this space my studio LOL. It started off as my sewing room, then as art crept in it became my sewing and art room, so I think it deserves to be a studio now. who cares what is created in here!!

I am in a couple of postcard trades at IllustratedATCs and ATCs for all, The Butterfly one is from a postcard ingredient trade! we send the ingredients to our partner and then they come up with the design and post it back, it is fun as you can get soem fun stuff to play with that maybe you donthave in your stash! I spotted the Kaffe Fasset fabrics straight away and new they would be the base!! The Purple one is needle felted silk fibres on a recyled sweater that I dyed in blues and greens. I get them from the thrift shop p use as a base in my felted work!