Monday, July 28, 2008

Same cast!!

Well, I still have the plaster cast, that has now been wrapped to make it tighter! The bones have not moved and so they do not want to risk moving anything! I have to say that the staff in the fracture clinic are excellent!

I tried some drawing on the weekend LOL Fabric is definitely my preferred medium! I shall persevere!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well I must have been busy to miss a whole month without blogging!! I guess I will have ample time in the next five weeks considering the fact that I managed to fall and break my wrist last weekend!! I was sorting the cardboard for recycling and did my usual trick of stepping on it to flatten it! Bad idea, slipped and went flying, put out left wrist and crack! DH came running to see if I was OK, and my response was no I broke my wrist! Five hours, 7 x-rays, one cast and a closed reduction later I was home! The swelling has gone down and now the temp cast feels really loose! More x-rays on Monday and a permanent cast if all is well.

Time to practise drawing skills I guess as that is about the only art one can do with a left wrist in plaster!