Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Postcards and Vacation!!

Phew, at long last I have some time off work!!! A week and a half to potter about do some day trips and play in my studio!! I have decided at long last to call this space my studio LOL. It started off as my sewing room, then as art crept in it became my sewing and art room, so I think it deserves to be a studio now. who cares what is created in here!!

I am in a couple of postcard trades at IllustratedATCs and ATCs for all, The Butterfly one is from a postcard ingredient trade! we send the ingredients to our partner and then they come up with the design and post it back, it is fun as you can get soem fun stuff to play with that maybe you donthave in your stash! I spotted the Kaffe Fasset fabrics straight away and new they would be the base!! The Purple one is needle felted silk fibres on a recyled sweater that I dyed in blues and greens. I get them from the thrift shop p use as a base in my felted work!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Long time no blog and a Rooster

Well I would never win any prizes for blogging that is for sure. Work has been very busy and I am slowly catching up with my art commitments! Slowly but surely!!! Here is a Roosted I felted for Carol (Monarch) at ATCsforall. We are trading felted pages and her theme was funky birds! I had just finished anothe trade page and that was a Peacock so birds were the theme of the moment it seems!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ghosts of Autumn

Well as usual my design intentions took a left hand turn during the creation process!! I think this is why I don't plan things out too rigidly! In the end this page turned out better than my original idea !!! I never have any trouble with Autumn as a theme as I love the colours and it is my favourite season!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Summer Journal Page

This page is for a four season swap I am in at ATCS4all. It was due last month but I was not happy with what I had so far so I started again!! To me Poppies are summer and so that is what I did. Of course I could not find the right colour silk for the flowrs so I ended up dyeing some in grades of pink and yellow. I think it came out quite well and am pleased with it although it is a very simple design. Sometimes I have to stop myself from adding other stuff when it doesn't need it LOL Beads yarns and additional stitching would detract from the effect I think!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whimsy Art

ATCs for all and Mail Art World have a new online class for April on Whimsy Art.May just give this a go!

I had fun doing whimsical mushrooms for a swap a couple of weeks ago!! I love the Mushrooms from Disney's Fantasia and I think that was what I had in mind when I drew this one!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Finished the page and more

Well I finally finished the felted page and have posted a pic to ATCs for All.I am happy with the page as it does have depth I think! then I got to playing some more with the embellishing/felting machine.I did some abstract ATCs last week that reminded me of a summer night and so I decided to try for Spring. I added organza to represent the last frosts. The card didn't photograph well with a flash though and needs daylight so I will take a pic and post tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost finished felted page!!!

Here is the page after the stitching and the trimming to 8x8. I had to lose my favourite cloud though!!! I think it looks much betterwith the snow highlights. I will finish this tomorrow,I need to be paying attention when edging felt, it can be really aggravating and streeeeeetch!!

Oh Joy!

Well having finally recovered my passwords etc here I am!! I spent a great part of the Christmas holiday ( christmas when was that now??) tidying this sewing/art room. We are getting there!! Slowly!

The felting machine and I are having great fun barr the broken needles. (There is a limit to thickness fo felting!!) I was doing a journal page yesterday for a swap I am in on ATCS4ALL, and yesterday I left it alone as half of me said it was done and the other half said nono no, stitch on it as well. Today I came home and now I cannot see how on earth I though it might be finished!
Here is is so far, I am about to do some free motion stitching on the top, wish me luck!!! Getting mistaken stitches out of felt is NOT fun, and near impossible!

Oh yes, with physiotherapy (Thanks Heather and David) my wrist is fully functional!!